"Every #Linux networking tool I know." 馃憦馃徑 Download a #PDF of this poster and print it. 馃憠馃徎 wizardzines.com/networking-too

The #Parliament of #Asturias supports the Campaign "Public Money? Public Code!" and votes in favor of publishing all publicly financed software developments under a #FreeSoftware licence: picahack.org/el-parlamento-ast (ES) @fsfe #publiccode

In the long run, the Parliament seeks the use, promotion and migration to Free Software and #OpenStandards throughout all public administration's processes.

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Our own Jan Sprinz has just finished a lightning talk on the Chaos Computer Club Conference on: "Why we need GNU/Linux on mobile devices (now more than ever)"

Jan's part starts around 2h 2m 30s if you want to skip ahead:

You can get the slides at:

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Ubuntu #Halium #KDE #35c3 #Anbox #KDE #Purism #Pine64

Esta foto es de este verano mirad que a gusto estaba!
que ganas de acabar ma帽ana el 煤ltimo ex谩men

A recurring theme in Super Princess Peach is a disregard for Luigi. Peach tosses him away after rescuing him and pushes him aside after rescuing Mario. Hitting Mario in the Toad Shot game gives a 10 point penalty while Luigi is 3 points. Luigi is also never called by his name. t.co/e4mHu4kZG7

隆Muchos socios estaban deseando este art铆culo! 馃槏 :android: :tux:
驴Hartos de utilizar la misma ROM en vuestros m贸viles? 馃槗馃
驴Quieres dejar de usar Google y pasar a una opci贸n libre? 馃槈

Descubre esa opci贸n en este pedazo art铆culo:

馃憠馃憠librelabucm.org/component/k2/i 馃憟馃憟

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