Nothing I thought I would do some day. Sewed me a face mask from scrap jersey. Fits PM2.5 filter pads.
And yes, I know it does not filter viruses, but even some layers of fabric are way more effective than no mask. #StayAtHomeStaySafe

@bleeptrack it doesn't filter virus, that's true, but stops the "minispits" everyone does when speaking and breathing.

Yeah, it's more a "protect others" than "protect yourself" thing. Would be nice to have a higher acceptance of face masks in non-asian countries.


@bleeptrack the problem is that in Europe or North America using a mask is seen as a "possible threat to security" by the police.

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@bufalo1973 @bleeptrack I think it really depends on the type of mask + situation, normal surgical style or particle/air filter in normal use I don't see is much of an issue. I often wear a mask when winter cycling & never had an issue, also occasionally see Asian people wearing surgical masks on the bus etc and no one makes an issue about it. I think a bigger issue in uptake is the individualist "I protect me" vs prosocial "I protect you" attitudes.


From my experience it is often a sigma to wear a surgical mask in public as it implies "this person must be really sick".

@bleeptrack @bufalo1973 that can be good too sometimes though, because then people can know to be extra careful around that person and stay away if they might have been exposed to something so they don't make that person sicker.

@bleeptrack @bufalo1973 it will be interesting to see what (if any) social attitudes change I think

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